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Wikipedia used the usemod system for its first year (2001), using a new code base (now called MediaWiki) since January 2002.

The following text is probably pretty old.

I'm comparing the systems to decide which to deploy for various uses, and here are my personal notes. For a lot of uses, especially more lightweight sites, Usemod is probably preferable. On some of the control panel appliance softwares, there is a considerable penalty for the use of PHP, which MediaWiki requires. Also there are the resource issues associated with MySQL?.

To test the two systems, I prepared a Garnet/Directory? of my bookmarks to spend some time using this system. This test uses subpages. I tried a similar experiment at [Garnet's Bookmark's at Wikipedia].

I also prepared [Garnet's Bookmarks]? to try out the system without worrying about subpages. I've prepended the additional pages with "Garnet's Bookmarks -" to avoid naming conflicts with anything else in this system. I have not duplicated this experiment at Wikipedia to avoid creating any problems in their global namespace.

Here are some of the differences I've come across:

Editing Semantics The WikiPedia editing semantics are covered [here]. I'll just mention some of the more obvious differences a user of these systems will notice.

Bugs in UseModWiki?

It might not be fair to call these bugs, lets just say they are unexpected behaviour, or lacking features.....

Written by Garnet (Last update 14Jan2004)

Two of these "bugs" are just quirks of combining non-WikiWords with subpages.

Why am I testing this.....How does it work?

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